Beauty In Chaos - The New EP - Available Now.

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Bim’s Biography

Equipped with a soaring mezzo soprano vocal that has texture and tone in abundance alongside deft songwriting skill, Bim is very much worth taking the time to get to know. Having provided distinctive vocals across musical genres for many of the world’s top artists, she is now making space for her rich, emotive and exuberant voice. A London girl with gospel roots, her voice finds it’s natural place in the multi layered soul she chooses to create.

‘O.T.R.’ is the first glimpse into her perspective of what love and life can be…

Beauty in Chaos - The Stunning New EP

Beauty In Chaos is a snapshot of what it means to be a woman simultaneously confident and growing through frailties.

It explores finding the balance of navigating self awareness, internal conflict and external pressures while experiencing love and holding onto joy. It’s an ode to women like me being fully seen.

Available from 28.01.2021 #BIC

I Still Remember - Latest Single

‘I Still Remember’ is a smooth, soulful ride through sensitive subject matter. The powerful, impressively controlled vocal and deep groove of the track help to articulate the frustration of when pain goes unacknowledged.

Written during 2020’s ‘summer of awakening’ but with the knowledge of a lifetime of experiences, this song asks what actually took so long for everyone else to see so much was wrong. This is the second single from her upcoming EP.

O.T.R - Debut Single

O.T.R. is a simple but audacious statement.

It’s the bold desire to take up prime real estate in another’s mind every hour, on the hour without question. It’s about wanting the one you’re preoccupied with to not only be completely distracted by you but to absolutely love that distraction. It’s summer infused romance all wrapped up in Rhodes organ, horns and harmonies..

O.T.R Single Art Cover
New York State of House Single Cover - Francis Mercier & Bim

House Life - Francis Mercier & BIM

‘House Life’ is an expression of how everyone feels after the year none of us could have ever predicted. It captures the excitement and anticipation of a long awaited night out and is the clarion call to simply go and revel in the freedom!

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